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We work best with creatively brave multi-channel campaigns, especially when one creative through-line needs to thrive in lots of different places and durations.

If this sounds like you...

"I need a creative video production team I can trust. I need great concepts and flawless delivery, with content that works hard across a range of channels and formats. I need people who know the channels and how video lives and dies on them better than I do, that will challenge my thinking, give me a fresh perspective and push this project in the right direction."

Nottingham Forest

...This is how we help

In a time where video production is more commoditised than ever, it’s not enough to deliver exceptional production quality. We add value by working in partnership with brands to define the right brief, creative concepts that work, in the timescales and to the budget.

We purposefully don’t niche into specific styles or formats. We have years of experience working across all styles of live-action and animation, which means we flex based on what’s right for the project. 

We borrow from Hollywood in scaling up our production crews on a project by project basis, which means we get to select the best talent from our networks that work hardest for the project and the budget. 

We don’t believe in layers of account management, so our clients speak directly to the people working on your projects. 

We’re big believers in only taking on briefs that we know we can add big value to, so if we think someone else could do just as good a job as we could, we’ll tell you so. This gives us more space in the studio to do our very best work. 

  • Working out an approach that fits the brief, brand and budget. 

  • The animation look and style.

  • Sample stills to agree the art direction before production gets underway.

  • Shoot planning and logistics.

  • Big crews, small crews, paid talent, kit hire, direction and props. 

  • Animation, or animated graphic design. Illustration, character animation, typography and cel animation. 

  • Making and preparing assets, previs, render and compositing.

  • Storytelling through pictures and sounds.

  • Bespoke composition and sound effects add ambience and style.