Strategy & Consultancy

We'll give you the tools, and we'll work with you to grow your brand's video capabilities to achieve real results. 

If this sounds like you...

“I've got the budget, I've got the need, but I don't know how to brief and manage video that are going to actually push our brand forward"

Content planning
Brief development
Consultant Producer

This is how we help

On a partnership basis, we'll work with you to decide on the roadmap for success in video. The support needed by each brand is completely unique, which is why our support will be completely bespoke.

At one end of the scale, we can be top-level and lightweight, leaving the brand team to get on with the implementation and content creation. 

If you need more support, we can work as an extension of your team to create the strategy, as well as drive it forward. 

    • We'll break the strategy down into key content themes so you know what videos are going to help you achieve your objectives, and what to avoid.

    • A plan for why and how you use video on each channel to maximise impact and ROI. 

    • Working with your internal processes to make sure the briefs you write are set up to deliver success. 

    • Video strategy should be agile, so we help brands measure their successes and learn from their mistakes to maximise budgets and impact. 

    • Training and mentoring for your in-house team to develop and refine video and animation skills. 

    • Finding the right video specialists for your in-house roles. 

    • Creating a roster of trusted content creators, fostering collaboration and building consistency. 

    • Not got time to manage your own projects? We'll brief and manage your specialist content producers. 

    • We ensure videos created by other producers are on brand, on brief and working hard for the budget.