Video Identity

Video identity is the missing chapter of most brand guideline documents. We help brands articulate how their brand looks, moves, sounds and feels in video. 

If this sounds like you...

"We really struggle with keeping our video content 'on brand', or even what that should look like. We know our customers want video and that it will work for us if it's done right, but we don't know how to create content that fits the brand, measure it, and prove it's worth the investment."

Wattbike - Wattbikers Community Campaign
Center Parcs TV
Logo sting for ABRSM

....This is how we help

As a standalone project, we’ll work with you to identify key opportunities in video, develop exceptional content strategies that make viewers stick around. We’re not talking wishy-washy cut-and-paste strategy here, more concrete, actionable steps to make big improvements, fast.  

We’ll help you decide how your brand feels, moves and sounds – and stick to it. By establishing your brand’s unique video signature and sensory threads, we’ll show you how to stand out in a competitive video marketplace with content that reflects your brand’s ambitions, delivers results and is a true extension of your brand’s ethos. 

Each brand is unique, so we adapt how we work according to what's going to make the most impact. Roll over the sections below to find out more. 

  • We deep dive into your brand objectives, audience segmentation and customer journeys. 

  • An exploration of your channels, content and assets. What's working well? What’s the rulebook for the future?

  • Who are your key competitors? What are the common tropes in your sector and related industries? Understanding what others are doing is key to achieving stand-out.

  • We'll break the strategy down into key content themes so you know what videos are going to help you achieve your objectives, and what to avoid.

  • A plan for why and how you use video on each channel to maximise impact and ROI. 

  • Working with your internal processes to make sure the briefs you write are set up to deliver success. 

  • A framework to share with in-house and external video producers to promote a consistent brand style and experience.

  • Let’s break down the guidelines into tangible and actionable style guides to be used from Day 1.

  • Great looking, easy-to-use templates for in-house teams and other collaborators to build consistency in your video output. 

  • Video strategy should be agile, so we help brands measure their successes and learn from their mistakes to maximise budgets and impact.