This is Family

Fat Free xCenter Parcs

The brief

"After establishing the narratives of three family members in our TV ads, we wanted to use some of our digital channels to tell a richer story that gave audiences a deeper insight into how they each experienced Center Parcs.

We tasked Fat Free with working with lead creative agency VMLY&R to distill these moments from each of the TV scripts and then bring them to life as individual edits that could act as a stand-alone glimpse as to what Center Parcs can offer different members of every family.

The additional challenge we also gave Fat Free was that we wanted to produce these at scale with multiple variants for each family member showcasing a wide range of the Center Parcs experience in order to really make the audience feel like they had been part of this families break."

— Chris Dowse, Creative & Campaign Marketing Manager, Center Parcs

As part of the Center Parcs peak campaign, we joined forces with VMLY&R London to produce a series of 6-second vignettes to accompany the main TV campaign. The vignettes gave the wider story of the characters of Mum, Dad and Sister, celebrating togetherness and digging deeper into the family moments during a Center Parcs break. 

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The Team —


CreativeVMLY&R / Fat Free
DirectorNeil Rostance
ProducerTopher Batchelor
Assistant ProducerKat Brown
DoPDavid Stewart
Assistant CameraMatt Hodgen
Sound RecordistCraig Barlow
Editor Ciaran Grant
Exec Producer Kate Rostance