Blending Research & Illustration

Fat Free xEuropean Commission


The brief

The PESETA IV Study aims to better understand the effect of climate change on Europe, and how these effects could be avoided. We were asked to help them take a huge body of research and present the key findings in an engaging way to the general public, engaging the audience in a story, rather than classic data visualisation techniques.


Our approach

With an art direction blending hand-painted scenes and 3D space, we set out to create two versions of the same world - one where climate change mitigations and adaptions had been put in place, and a parallel world we asked "what happens if we do nothing?"

Visualised through key vignettes, we toggled between the two versions to show the viewer the real-world implications of successful mitigation and adaptation policies in Europe.

Don't take our word for it...
"I needed a video that was engaging and non-technical to a large public audience. . They were clear on the process of creating the videos, offered excellent ideas on potential styles, gave us lots of opportunities for feedback on early drafts and they made numerous, very helpful, excellent suggestions on how to create the best film possible. Kate and Neil and friendly and easy to work with and they really went the extra mile to produce work that I am really proud of. "
Simon GoslingProfessor in Climate Risk, University of Nottingham
The Team —


Creative DirectorNeil Rostance
Illustrator / Art DirectorDilara Karakas
AnimatorFrank Mansfield
Sound Designer James Rogers
Exec Producer Kate Rostance
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