Everyday Adventure

Fat Free xHaibike


The Brief

  • Inspire UK-based leisure riders to enjoy the love of bike riding, off road
  • Tell a stories of adventures and making memories
  • Widen the appeal of Haibike beyond extreme eMTBers

The Challenge

  • How can we balance product specification with the ride experience?
  • How can we target leisure riders without diluting the core brand tone?

Our Approach

  • Juxtaposing elements between fast and slow, serious and silly and big power, low effort
  • Give authentic and believable moments to anchor the ability levels of the riders on screen
  • A rhythmic and tactile editing style to build momentum and connect stories
The Team —


Executive ProducerKate Rostance
Director/EditorNeil Rostance
ProducerAshley Gardiner
Director of PhotographyWill J Carman
Camera AssistantTodd Franklin
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