Youtube Pre-Roll For Brand Awareness

Fat Free xMedichecks


The Brief

Imagine the scene, New Year is just around the corner, and Medichecks want to show the world how easy it is to test yourself for all sorts of health-related things at home. The only problem is, even though Medichecks is trusted by millions of people every year, we've only got a matter of seconds to convince a passing, scroll-hungry audience to give them a whirl.

Blood tests at home, hundreds of them actually. One to suit anything you could possibly want to know about what's going on under the surface. You've got your health-conscious athletes, vegans worried about their nutrition, and those that necked too many bottles of bubbly over the Christmas period who are keen to know what damage they might have done. Let's make an ad for each of them, and let's make it feel believable from the moment they start watching.


The Approach

YouTube is riddled with adverts gasping and lashing for your attention, sounds and sights that are riddled with attention-grabbing, try-hard creative. What if we just made ads that felt like dropping into a conversation instead? Give the viewers a glimpse into the media checks offering not because we tricked them, but because the content was actually nice to hang out with. Voices that felt like a friend, not a brand. Those that shout loudest usually have the most to hide, so let's not shout, let's tell.

The results

Results from the first month of the campaign reported:

— 80% of YouTube users watched the full video
— 9% customer conversion rate  

Don't take our word for it
As a brand, creative agencies have struggled to give us creative cut-through. Fat Free found a way to tell our customer stories in a way that really bought the brand personality to life and drove engagement. They're great to work, quickly get under the skin of you as a brand and create beautiful video content that drives results.
Amanda Howard Chief Commercial Officer
Medichecks 01
Medichecks — 02
Medichecks — 03
The Team —


Creative DirectorNeil Rostance
AnimationFrank Mansfield, Neil Rostance
IllustrationJess Bright
Sound DesignJames Rogers
Executive ProducerKate Rostance