Multi-Channel Gen Z Campaign

Fat Free xNTU


The brief

The National Student Survey (NSS) gives students the opportunity to give feedback on the the things they liked and the things that could be improved about their university experience. It's really important for two reasons: it helps prospective students choose where to study, and it helps universities to decide what real changes are needed to improve.

We were asked to help bring a creative approach which had been developed for static designs to life, for use across social, web and screens on campus.


Our approach

To create assets that would work well across static and moving campaign content, we took on a stop-motion approach with a group of NTU students on brightly coloured backdrops, in-keeping with the brand colours. This gave us high-resolution stills that could be worked with for print and static campaigns, as well as stop-motion sequences.

Using a hand-drawn illustration approach, each film was given its own unique flavour, keeping engagement and visual interest high.

The Team —


Director / Art Direction Neil Rostance
Producer Kat Brown
CreativeNTU Brand Team
Editor Ciaran Grant
Animator Betty Barrucco
Photographer Guy Bettison
Exec Producer Kate Rostance
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