Mixed Media Season Launch

Fat Free xRab


The Brief

Rab were looking for a high energy season launch video to activate their Autumn/Winter campaign. It was important to shine a light on the key brand pillars that differentiated Rab from others in the market in an authentic way.

It needed to retain the DNA of their explorer brand, whilst giving a sense of some of the technical proof points the new season ranges had to offer.


The Approach

Launching any campaign during a pandemic is never an easy task, and Rab had a distinct vision of how they wanted this content to land with their audiences. From the start, it was our intention to design content that could work in a multi-channel environment.

The animation style was deliberately fast-paced and full of momentum, to pull the viewer through mixed-media in a way that was unpredictable and confident. We didn't want to shy away from using brutal cuts and intense bursts of stop-motion, paired with a feeling of calm and reflection just for a beat.

Don't take our word for it...
Fat Free have the foresight to see how your content should be delivered to create the biggest impact across channels. Fat Free were able to bring together the content we'd captured under challenging restrictions in an energetic style and format that engaged the user whilst fitting the brand's visual storytelling.
Stephen HazlehurstHead of Marketing at Rab
AW20 Season Launch - 01
AW20 Season Launch - 02
AW20 Season Launch - 03

The goal of the season launch content was to devise a creative approach that thrived across multi-channel environments. All shapes and sizes, from 6-second social bumpers to landing page banners on Rab's homepage for launch.

The Team —


Edit / Design / AnimationNeil Rostance
Executive ProducerKate Rostance
Additional Photography & Video AssetsRab