Never gets old

Fat Free xRaleigh


The Brief

The nice folk at Raleigh Bikes set us an open brief: to come up with ideas to create campaign content that celebrated buying a Raleigh bike for Christmas.


The Challenge

As a big bunch of grinches, we knew we wanted to create a campaign that celebrated the fun of getting a bike for Christmas without covering everything in fake snow and chucking a festive bell at it. We get bored of Christmas campaigns by mid November. And we've got a sneaking suspicion everyone else is sick of them too. So we set out to create something that would really stand out.

We wanted to create video content that thrived across a broad audience base, and translated well across multiple social channels. Not to mention the fact that Raleigh bikes are both modern AND nostalgic. How can we tell this story in our video?


The Concept

  • Vibrant mixed-media scrapbook
  • Live action and stop motion
  • User generated content from Christmasses gone by

We developed a concept called "Never Gets Old" to capture the timeless joy of riding a bike, of growing older and experiencing Christmas in new ways.

Set to 80s synth pop, with a vibrant brand colour palette, old VHS tapes and a fun stop-motion style, here we are!

The Team —


Executive ProducerKate Rostance
Director/Motion GraphicsNeil Rostance
AnimationGuy Bettison, Ashley Gardiner
Director of PhotographyGuy Bettison
ProducerAshley Gardiner
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