Tuff Burner Limited Edition | We Created Cool

Fat Free xRaleigh


The Brief

Our pals at Raleigh came to us with the dream brief. Forty years after the original iconic Raleigh Burner, they were about to launch a limited edition special release. 

Anticipation was already building from the fans, and we were asked to develop a concept to celebrate this landmark, under the overarching campaign of "We Created Cool" 


The Challenge

We wanted to create a visual love letter from the rider to the bike,  a visual delight for the ol' eyeballs. An icon for the ages. Re-releasing anniversary edition products requires a certain finesse to perfectly capture an era. No features and benefits. No hard sell. Just letting the bike tell its own story, through the words of the riders. Authentic, nostalgic and cool.

Don't take our word for it...
Keen to tap into nostalgia but avoid ‘cheese’, the Tuff Burner video is a love-letter to a community of joyriders who formed their own identity through their love of BMX. We’re delighted with the result and Neil and Kate always deliver far and beyond what we initially dream up.
Kat Thomson Product & Content Executive, Raleigh
The Team —


Executive ProducerKate Rostance
Director/Editor/AnimationNeil Rostance
ProducerAshley Gardiner
Director of PhotographyWill J Carman
Camera AssistantJoe Nichols
GafferPeter Banks
Production AssistantEloise Durham
Stills PhotographerGuy Bettison
FeaturingWe Were Rad
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