20 year anniversary film

Fat Free xToyota


The brief

Toyota Material Handling asked us to help them breathe a new lease of life into their System of Active Stability brand story as the technology reached its 20 year anniversary. 


Our approach

Instead of taking a features-first approach, we proposed a creative route that led with a playful visual comparison between Toyota trucks and things we do naturally to balance, give stability and keep ourselves safe. 

Each time we saw the Toyota's Active Stability features, we saw a comparison from elsewhere in life: a yoga pose, a reach to get a book from a high shelf, a waiter balancing drinks on a tray. Framing and camera moves were matched to build the feeling of connectedness.

Whilst much of the work that we collaborated on with Toyota focussed on 3D environments, for this film, we pitched a cinematic live-action shoot, with elegant animated measurements to bring clarity to the message. 

The Team —


Director Neil Rostance
Producer Ash Gardiner
Jon O'NeillDoP
Camera AssistantLouis Vella
Gaffer Pete Banks
Motion Graphics Mike Choo
Exec Producer Kate Rostance