Global Positioning Film

Fat Free xUniversity of Nottingham


The brief

The University of Nottingham delivers research that transforms lives and shapes the future. As part of their global reputation campaign, they asked us to create a top-level film that championed their research capabilities and impact. This asset needed to work really hard across a range of channels, including as part of keynote speeches, on the homepage and as part of wider brand and reputation messaging. The brief from the client was to create a video that captured the essence of their research excellence and made the viewer feel excited about the University's work. We needed to create content that was shareable, authentic, and generated intrigue.

Our creative approach incorporated a mixture of immersive visuals to be eye-catching and intriguing, a solid foundation of rhythmic typography that was unapologetically bold and confident, and a driving beat that forced momentum and excitement.


Our Approach

The world of academic research is complex and information-heavy, but we needed to tell UoN’s story in a pure and authentic way that left the viewer wanting more. After extensive competitor research, we saw a distinct trend for academic and research-based videos to be slow and grandiose. With a time-short and impatient audience, we saw an opportunity to stand out from the crowd through a deliberately high-paced and rhythmic video, painting the UoN research work as full of energy, momentum, and forward motion.

The Team —


Director Neil Rostance
Producer Topher Batchelor / Kat Brown
DoPDavid Stewart
Assistant CameraBart Bazaz
2nd Unit Camera Operator Will Carman
EditorCiaran Grant
Animator Mike Choo
3D AnimatorDan Lucyszyn-Hinton / Emily Grant
Exec Producer Kate Rostance