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Fat Free xWattbike


The brief

The summer months are an important time for cyclists. The better weather and longer days mean more road miles under their belt. But for Wattbike, who make stationary training bikes, this can be a slower sales period.

We were asked to help Wattbike create a campaign specifically for the warmer months, to highlight the role of the Wattbike Atom in achieving peak performance.

Campaign deliverables needed to work across Youtube Trueview, social video ads and web. Success was measured directly on the number of Wattbikes sold online during the campaign period.


Our approach

The concept was simple. The training you do on your Wattbike, helps you to do achieve peak performance on the roads.

Rugged, unapologetic typographic animation creates a flow of language, building momentum.

Two shots. One interior, one exterior. When we hit the last word, the location, sound, and typography switch to create a sensory contrast.

The Team —


Writer / Director Neil Rostance
Campaign Creative Onwards
Producer Kat Brown
DoPGuy Jenkins
Focus PullerWill Carman
EditorCiaran Grant
AnimatorMike Choo
Exec Producer Kate Rostance
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