Multi-Channel Product Launch

Fat Free xWattbike


The brief

Wattbike asked us to collaborate with them on the launch of the Next Generation Wattbike Atom launch. Due to production timelines, the project needed to be completed well in advance of physical bikes being available to film with, so we needed an approach that would take the existing engineering CAD files and bring them to life as a brand experience.

As well as launching the new product and supporting sales targets, this project needed to raise awareness and increase market penetration.

3D Development for animation of Wattbike Atom
Dark and moody look development for Wattbike Atom
3D Animation of the Wattbike Atom

The challenge

With a brief that was clear the audience was to be left feeling exhilarated, we were faced with a tricky logistical challenge.

Without a physical bike to film, how can we convey the energy and power of a static bike that doesn't move?

How do we creatively link the home environment and the training space together in a way that fits the brand, without being too literal?

How do we show off the unrivaled technical advances, whilst maintaining momentum?


Our approach

Despite working in a 3D space, we wanted to use a handheld camera feel to give an unstructured and intimate feel to the film.

Through the creative development, we kept coming back to the idea that although you're training indoors, with the ride realism and training data so advanced, you could really be anywhere. So, we developed an environment that hinted at a home environment that would fall away as the rider trained, transporting the rider into a different space entirely.

It was important to have a rider present in the animation, but done in a way to detract from the bike as the primary focus. Taking inspiration from motion capture approaches, we developed a character that was present but also passive, adding to the overall energy of the scene instead of being an overbearing figure to focus on.

Don't take our word for it...
I needed the deliverables to be scroll-stoppingly exhilarating while retaining technical detail and product specifications. The end result exceeded all expectations, resulting in a suite of edits with the impact and production quality to stretch from Facebook to Tour de France spots on TV. This has been our most successful product launch to date. I have no doubt Fat Free helped to power this, working with them has been a pleasure.
Amy Johns Marketing & Growth Director, Wattbike
The Team —


Creative Director Neil Rostance
Art Direction Neil Rostance, Betty Barucco, Mike Choo
3D Design & AnimationRichard Clayton, Dan Lucyszyn-Hinton
Animation & CompositingMike Choo
Edit & Sound DesignCiaran Grant
Exec Producer Kate Rostance
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