A small but mighty team

Video carries more feeling and uses more senses than any other medium. It has the potential to pull at the hearts and change the minds of those who watch it more than any other format.

Information —

Our Team

Everything we do is underpinned by our guiding principle: to work hard and do great work.

Exec Producer

Kate Rostance

In her role, Kate oversees all brand relationships and leads the production of all projects within the studio. With a never-stop-learning philosophy and a driven but affable style, Kate is the type that can not only get the job done but be nice about it too.

Creative Director

Neil Rostance

A conceptual creative with 15 years of experience writing and directing commercials, branded content and multi-national brand campaigns. Specialisms in live-action direction, visual storytelling and post-production.

Producer & Assistant Director

Ash Gardiner

A powerhouse of logistics, creativity and management, Ash leads the production of live-action projects bringing years of experience across TV, film and commercials.

We’re a small and agile team, blending strategic insight, creative direction and production. We’re not one size fits all, and we’re not everyone’s cup of tea (we’re OK with that). But for those that are looking for joined-up-thinking, creative bravery and a partner that acts as an extension of the team, that’s our sweet spot.

What We Do —

Video Identity

Video identity is the missing chapter of most brand guideline documents. We help brands articulate how their brand looks, moves, sounds and feels in video. 

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Content & Creative

We work best with creatively brave multi-channel campaigns, especially when one creative through-line needs to thrive in lots of different places and durations.

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Strategy & Consultancy

We'll give you the tools, and we'll work with you to grow your brand's video capabilities to achieve real results. 

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No messin' about

We know that prospective clients trust personal recommendations above all else, so we concentrate our efforts on delivering the best service to brands that love what we do, and the rest falls into place.

Our beliefs —
  • We look good when our clients look good. Never let ego get in the way of the best idea.

  • Never stop learning, never say you know it all, always stay curious

  • Always remember the human on the other side of the screen

  • We don't say yes to everything, so we can give our yes's our everything

  • No spin, no BS. Do great work and be nice about it along the way.

  • No tricks, no hacks, no clients that do bad things. Be on the right side of advertising